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A Multitude of Search Options on Patent Workbench® Reader

April 25, 2012

The Patent Workbench® Reader provides you with a wide variety of search features, ranging from simple keyword searches to advanced command line search options, so that you can quickly locate any keyword or phrase within any section of the patent file history, attached references, user-added references, patent file history information, or user-added notes.  Keyword search options are available on almost every Patent Workbench® Reader screen, so you can quickly locate terms of interest within the customized file history information views or the Claims Matrix.  The Patent Workbench® Search Module allows you to search through some or all PDF documents (including the annotated file history and all references) and all user-added notes simultaneously, and you can view the results in a simple expandable list format of sentence fragments, organized by paper and section.  You can also view the highlighted results directly in the PDF viewer.  These search options on Patent Workbench® Reader help you complete the claim construction and patent file history analysis process in a much quicker, more efficient manner.  Continue reading for a round-up of all search options included with the Patent Workbench® Reader, and see how the search features can help you improve your patent file history analysis process!

What Search Options are Available when using the Patent Workbench® Reader?

Both simple keyword and advanced command line search option are available:

  • A simple keyword search option is available on almost every module of the Patent Workbench® Reader. After entering a keyword in this search form, the feature will highlight every occurrence of the keyword within the text displayed on the screen. The user can then navigate through every highlighted occurrence of the keyword using the forward/backward navigation tools (or skip directly to a specific result). The keyword search form is available for the following Patent Workbench® modules and tools:

The keyword search feature automatically highlights results in the Claims Matrix.

  • Using the Patent Workbench® Search Module, users can search simultaneously through the PDF of the annotated file history, all reference files (including searchable PDFs added by the user), or a selection of PDF files.  The user can also include Patent Workbench® notes in the search.  A wide variety of both simple and advanced search options are available, ranging from a search of “any of these words” to a command line search, which can include Boolean and truncation operators and quotation marks to indicate exact phrases.

    The advanced search options under the Search Module.

    Search results are organized under document type (i.e. Notes, File History Results, and Reference Results) and paper section of the File History (i.e. “(2006-Aug-30) Amendment>Remarks”) , and you can expand or collapse lists of “fragments” under the paper sections with keyword terms displayed in bold text (as illustrated in the screenshot below).

    Expand or collapse result fragments, organized under document type (i.e. File History Results) and file history paper sections (i.e. "(2006-Aug-30) Amendment>Remarks").

    Select a fragment to navigate directly to the highlighted keyword within the PDF viewer, and continue to navigate through results in the PDF viewer.

    Navigate through highlighted search results directly in the PDF viewer.

How Will These Search Options Improve your Patent File History Analysis Process?

Both the simple keyword and advanced command line search tools allow the user to quickly locate important keywords within the patent file history or user-added text viewed in the Patent Workbench® Reader.  While viewing the file history information, you can use the keyword search to jump directly to drawings, for example, and immediately access these drawings in the PDF viewer.  In the Claims Matrix or Evolved Claim™ Report, you can easily locate keywords within any of the analyzed claims or text comparisons.  You never need to waste time hunting for words while using the Patent Workbench® Reader; the keywords are automatically highlighted and easily navigable simply by entering a term in the search form at the top of every screen.

The advanced features in the Search Module will be very useful for completing the claims construction process in a quicker and more efficient manner. An attorney can search the entire patent file history and related references simultaneously for a particular term (and any variation of the term) using the advanced search options, and all search results are organized under both document type and paper section (as illustrated in the screenshots above).  The attorney can then open the original paper and see all the search keywords highlighted, which makes it easier to identify the intended meaning of the term. The Patent Workbench® Reader provides flexible, advanced search options that yield easily navigable results directly within the original patent file history!

Would you like to test all of the search features of Patent Workbench®? Request a free sample file to try the Patent Workbench® Reader today!

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