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What You Get for Free by Downloading the Patent Workbench® Reader

March 21, 2012

Users can download the Patent Workbench® Reader for free by visiting the Patent Workbench® website  and requesting a sample file through the Patent Workbench® Request Form.  But what exactly do you receive when you request a sample file?  In this post, we’ll look at the wide variety of indispensable file history analysis tools you can test by downloading the Patent Workbench® Reader and sample file.  We’ll also look at a special text comparison tool that comes free with the Patent Workbench® Reader, which you can use this to compare any two bodies of text!

After the jump, learn about all of the free resources you receive just by visiting the Patent Workbench® website  and requesting a sample file.

You can download the Patent Workbench® Reader without spending a penny, simply by filling out the Patent Workbench® Request Form at and requesting a sample file by typing “SAMPLE” in the file number field.  You will then receive a link to download the Patent Workbench® Reader and the sample file history.

You can freely test all features of the Patent Workbench® Reader using the sample file history, including the valuable search, reference, and claims analysis tools discussed previously on this blog.  The following tools can save you hours of  work and thousands of dollars in labor, and you’ll produce a more accurate, thorough analysis by utilizing these  tools on the Patent Workbench® Reader:

  • Test the flexible viewing capabilities of the Patent Workbench® Reader by utilizing the File History Module on the sample file.
  • See how you can quickly and thoroughly search through patent file history papers, references, and user-added notes by testing the Search Module.
  • Try out all of the Claims Tools included with the  Patent Workbench® Reader, such as the Claims Matrix,  the Evolved Claim™ Report, and the  Claim Comparison tool. These Claims Tools will save you untold hours by automatically constructing charts and text comparisons of any or all versions of the claims in the patent file history.
  • Upload your own references, which you can also search and annotate,  to the sample file on the Patent Workbench® Reader.
  • Test the many export features included with the Patent Workbench® Reader, such as the ability to create a customized PDF of selected papers or the option to automatically export the Claims Matrix to an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Utilize the Notebook features to see how easily you can collaborate with colleagues or leave notes for yourself on any part the file history papers, file history information, claims, or references, and export these notes in a single Word document.
  • Try out the Patent Workbench® features that were added at the request of patent attorneys, such as the claim tree export option and the ability to create a custom view using the  “Select Papers” Tab.

By downloading the Patent Workbench® Reader, you also gain full use of the free Text Comparison tool.  Use this tool to quickly determine the difference between any two bodies of text using our advanced comparison algorithm.  You will even be presented with a list of the words that were added and deleted during the comparison.  You can paste and compare any text you’d like in to the Text Comparison tool, not just the text included in the sample file.

Head over to the Request page now to download a sample file and the Patent Workbench® Reader, including the Text Comparison tool, all for free!  After testing the revolutionary, time-saving features on the Patent Workbench® Reader, you will want to order the Patent Workbench® service the next time that you need to review and analyze a file history. Make your file history analysis more efficient and accurate through Patent Workbench®!

Patent Workbench™ from Landon IP


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